How to Appeal

Why did I appeal?

I tested January 2017 and failed.  I am applying for an appeal.  Since I am currently in the process, I don’t wont to say too much about my reasons but plan to post more after it is finalized.  Basically I failed the lab station twice and there were a few minor mishaps so that is what I am basing my appeal on.

Why do I believe everyone should appeal? 

Well first of all you should appeal because you might win.  Read the study guide on the specifics of how to appeal and talk to someone at the school.  From what I have gathered, if you win then you can repeat without fee or penalty and you will move to the top of the waiting list for a new date.  And it will not count as one of your 3 attempts. If you have passed all lab stations and finished 3 PCSs then you may even be eligible to have your failure changed to a pass.  I’m just appealing for a repeat.  So if there was anything irregular that happened during your weekend it is worth a shot.  I thought you had to wait until after the appeal to finalize to re-apply and overall it would take longer but as you can see from what I said above that is not the case.

The Process

An appeal takes 60 days.  You need to send a signed letter in writing to the school.  Your letter is reviewed by a sub-committee that makes the decision and they meet 1x per month.  It says in the study guide to write where you feel there was a breakdown in the system.  I would suggest quoting from the study guide if possible as to where there were deviations in the system.   You have 30 days from your testing date to appeal.  I would take your time writing your letter and keep it more factual rather than emotional. Have appendixes included in your letter with any documentation that may help your case. Find someone smart and objective to review and edit for you.  I am sure there are lot of people online through the facebook groups that would be happy to take a look at it for you if you ask. If you are a member of any outside workshops maybe see if your teacher will look it over for you.  I know that Sheri Taylor will do this for her members.

The school told me that I can apply now to retake the exam but that I cannot test until my appeal is finalized.  It also says when you apply for the CPNE that it takes at least 60 days to get a date so you are not losing any time (with the minor exception you can’t take a cancelation date during those 60 days).  But right now the wait time for a CPNE date is 7-12 months.  I waited 13 months for my 1st date.  So if I win the appeal then I will get put to the top of the waiting list and hopefully have a date in at least 6 months or sooner.


I wanted in writing that I would get my money refunded if I won my appeal.  I wanted to reapply right away but afraid they wouldn’t give me my money back.  It did take 3 phone calls and 3 messages to the message center but I did finally get it in writing.

I was first told by the school that I only had to make a $600 down payment to reapply but when I looked further into that it involved a 3rd party payment plan through Nelnet with interest rates.  I didn’t want to get a 3rd party involved and pay interest so I did pay in full.  That is why I wanted the letter.  However, I am not saying doing the payment option is a bad idea, I just didn’t understand how it would work to get my money refunded and didn’t want to commit to monthly payments. Overall I though it would be more complicated. But if you don’t have the $2350 sitting around than the payment plan might be better for you.

Dealing with the school is not easy, you may get different answers from different people and have a hard time getting straight answers and objective statements.  Don’t let them defeat you.  Keep at it.  I’ll let you know if I’m successful.  And remember you are not alone. Lots of people fail and then retest to pass!  We didn’t get this far just to get this far.

Addendum:  I failed my exam 1/28/17.  I mailed my appeal letter 2/6/17.  I received an email confirmation that it was received on 2/9/17.  I did send it by certified mail or signature confirmation; which ever the cheapest option the post office had for some type of signed delivery. It cost me about $5.  Of course prices may vary depending where you live in conjuncture with Albany.

Why I failed

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