Finding the schools videos

The most frequent question that I see online is where do I find the videos and other study materials and I know for me that was hard too when I first started.

You need to go to main Website and login to your account.  From your my home page in the box to the center left should be a list of your current courses. There should be one called: Navigating the CPNE online tutorial.  You need to click on it.

After you click on it you should be brought to the blackboard.  In the right side upper box should list your courses.  From there click NUR702: NAVIGATING THE CPNE ON-LINE TUTORIAL DEC2014 30032656

Scroll down to the bottom until you see the yellow folders.  You have arrived!  There should be different option from here each with different content from the school.

22nd Edition CPNE Study Guide Resources  (VIDEOS)

CPNE Self-Check Activities: Maintaining your Knowledge and Skills

CPNE Self-Check Practice Scenario

Conversations with Kim

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