I get a lot of questions wanting to know about Syracuse.  I believe it was an okay site.  The people their were all very nice and everything was pretty straight forward.  It is a big place though and being a small town girl I was a little overwhelmed with the size of the facility but adjusted.

There is a café and a cafeteria there.  They have you wait between testing periods in the café so bring some cash.  You leave your stuff in the lab room.

You have to park in a parking garage.  It mixed me up a little on my first day because one garage is permit only and the other open to the public.  We driving into the facility you want the garage on the left.  I believe it cost $14 per day to park there.

I stayed at a Hampton Inn on Erie Blvd. I chose it because I was able to use my husbands hotel points.  It was about 3 miles from the site away from the downtown area and off a highway.  The rooms had fridges and microwaves. The hotel had a fitness room, pool, and hot tube.  All Hampton Inn’s have 24/7 coffee and herbal tea.  They put out a continental breakfast at 6 am which is nice with the early morning wakeups.  They also have cookies in the evening.  There was a Price Chopper Grocery Store nearby and places to eat but you had to drive everywhere.

The welcome packet that you get with your test date will also have a list of hotels the school recommends. I don’t know anything about those hotels as I didn’t look at them.

I drove to Syracuse from my home so I don’t have any information on airports.  It is about a 2 hour drive from Albany.  The highway was pretty clear and there are rest stops along the way.


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