The Weekend

It is a very stressful weekend.  Some people suggest going alone to focus on the exam.  I however regret doing that due to the large amount of stress that I was under and being in an unfamiliar environment was especially difficult for me.

I did arrive on Thursday as is recommended but Friday went by very slow for me.  I tried to study and maybe even over studied.  I did use the fitness center and tried to relax but it was hard.  My stomach was in knots all day and I couldn’t eat.  Then when it was time to test I was suddenly starving and had no snacks.  Next time I will make sure that I eat first and have snacks. Friday night was very hard to sleep.

It works like this: Friday night is labs. Saturday you do 2 PCSs and then Saturday night is the lab repeat. Sunday you finish your PCS’s.

The times you finish for the day vary.  Friday and Saturday I believe that I left around 7 pm.  If you have no labs to do Saturday then you would probably be done much earlier.  Sunday also can vary depending how may PCS’s you have left to finish. It could be 1 or it could be 3 depending what you did Saturday.

You spend a lot of time waiting around when you test. The CEs need to confer with the CA a lot. It doesn’t always mean that your doing bad it just means they need to look over your work.  After you finish your careplan for tthey have you wait.  They take your packet but I would use that time to think over how I was going to manage my assignment and run through it in my head.

Then if you make it in the room you do your thing and then when you are done with your documentation they again have you sit and wait.  Take care of yourself.  You can ask for water. I used the kitchen on the units to get water and stay hydrated while waiting. In between patients there is time to eat but where I tested while they were looking over your papers they had you wait on the units.  And you can be there for a while.  A PCS is 2.5 hours but with report, interruptions, and them having to go through all your documentation with a fine tooth comb it can take much longer.

Why I failed?

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