Where are the scoring tools?

Did you know that the school has the scoring tools available in the portal?  They have all forms associated with the clinical weekend available to print.  These are the same forms that they will be scoring you by when you test.

You need to get to the potal. To do that…Go to you the main page and login to your account.  Look at the heading columns on the top and look for the one that says my details.  Scroll down until you see the purple bar that says entering the portal and enter.

In the box on the right there should be an option for the study guide. You want to click there.  Here is where you can print the study guide for the exam.  In the right there are also some links to materials that you can print.

Nursing Simulation Laboratory Scoring Tool
Nursing Simulation Laboratory Medication Administration Calcuation Form and Application of Sterile Technique Documentation Form
Nursing Simulation Laboratory-Medication Administration Record
Essential Competency Professional Behaviors Attestation Form
PCS Scoring Tool
PCS Assignment and Documentation Form

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