Why I failed

I keep getting asked why I failed.  We now have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the school when we test and are not allowed to discuss specifics on social media.  I also would like to add again this is not affiliated with any school, exam, or hospital.

I failed both lab stations on Friday night. I don’t really know what happened. I had bought the new lab kit from the school and watched all their videos.  I had practiced and practiced very hard.  First station I had were the meds. I forgot to label a syringe and failed. 2nd station I got the catheter. I set up my stuff and started. I was IDing the patient when I thought oh shoot I forgot to gel my hands. I don’t know if we are allowed to start over once we begin so I gelled my hands and continued. In the end they failed me because I did not gel my hands before touching my “patient”.

Day 2 I failed my fist PCS for not writing x1 during PCS on the careplan outcome. This killed me because I knew better.  I don’t know why I was making such stupid mistakes. I did recover mentally and passed my next PCS.  Then I had to repeat the labs.  I got the wound and passed.  I then had the meds again.  I didn’t make any mistakes but ran out of time. Game Over.

If you want specifics on what the weekend was like mentally go to my post https://b8odds.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/the-weekend/

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