Never Give Up

Here is a story from someone I met online through the ATL workshop.  She passed the CPNE at 62 years old in December, 2016.  Right before the big change to the new edition.

I did it…Here’s my 2 cents on this beast…””Priceless”” is the worth of going into an unknown place and setting with the knowledge to know what they expect of you to pass. Take a workshop for crying out loud…Greg’s the man on your labs and Sherri’s great on the care plans–but don’t expect her to sugar coat it and stick a pacifier in your mouth- she is very blunt sometimes. At 62 years old this was a milestone for me. I entered this program 7 years ago right after I passed my LPN boards. This is the first thing I have seen through to the end, and it feels good. I quit on a marriage , a second relationship, an associates degree in commercial art, and 4 or 5 different professions. So to see this through is a landmark event for me. I had to postpone this testing due to health of my mom but just keep chugging away kids, and you will eventually get it done. Albany is a great place and all the people there from Excelsior were the bomb. All they want to know is if you will make a great nurse. So just go there and show them. Passed all labs with no repeats thanks to Greg. I had mnemonics and couldn’t have done it without them..your nerves will get you but the mnemonics will ground you. Failed first peds pcs.( 3 month old failure to thrive—-a real heart breaker) and didn’t get into the room because I used an assessment instead of an intervention ( my nerves and stupidity) ( don’t underestimate being nervous). Passed first adult.28 year old with endocarditis( didn’t even know what that was but just went with my assignments…comfort management – respiratory management-mobility-abdominal assessment..and passed.

Went back to room kinda down and sit down and figured up all what I had invested in this deal..rooms…flights…workshops…on line workshops..books…equipment…7 years worth of testing fees… 7 years of tuition… ( you guys know) and the total made me puke…So I pulled up my extra large(I have gained a ton) white scrub panties and decided I wasn’t beat yet.

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