This site is intended to share information about the clinical weekend.  This site is not affiliated with any school, exam, workshops, or hospital.  I am not seeking any financial contribution or advertising but just looking for a place to organize my information and notes to be able easily share with others.  I am not looking to violate any rules of any college or exam but simply have a away to stay organized with my study group and answer frequently asked questions.

I tested in January of 2017 under the 22nd Edition and did not pass.  I am working on a study plan to hopefully improve my performance for next time.  I had a game plan, had studied very hard, and knew my critical elements but was not successful.  Now I am hoping to find some other people to study with live and also work on performance anxiety.  I feel like this exam is passable; these are basic nursing skills and not that hard but the stress and the anxiety are horrendous.  I plan to pass and hope to help others as well.

May the odds ever be in our favor to slay the beast.

**Please note this website is not affiliated with any school, exam, workshop, or hospital. The CPNE is a registered trademark of Excelsior College for whom I am not endorsed.**


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